Download chomp-sms-6.44

Chomp SMS 6.44

Free Communication App by Delicious Inc.

chomp SMS is a souped-up alternative to the boring stock SMS & MMS messaging app, with a heap more features and customisation options. Join the chomp revolution now at 10+ million strong!!!Create your own unique look, or choose from 100's of FREE themes / skins. Loads of cool features like 800+ emoji's, passcode app lock, privacy options, scheduled SMS sender (reminders, birthday wishes), stop a text while sending, pin to top, backup, blacklisting / SMS blocker, signatures, text snippets, quick reply popup (even on lock screen), multi-select picture gallery, dual sim, better MMS and GROUP messaging and much more....Plus heaps of customisation options for notification icons, LED colors, ringtones, vibrate patterns, screen colors, font types, font sizes and background wallpapers. Go on give it some bling! Works with Pushbullet and Android Wear for SMS Quick Replying.Give chomp SMS a try today! It's pretty special.

Download chomp SMS APK File

Download chomp SMS 6.44:
  • • Price: A Free App for $0 that Offers In-App Purchases
  • • Content Rating: Medium Maturity
  • • Requires: Android 2.2 and up
  • • File Name: chomp-sms.apk

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Download caller-name-2.1

Caller Name 2.1

Free Communication App by LipoCodes

Please watch the video first!
Welcome! This is extremely easy to use!
Notice: this app can read only names written in Latin (English) letters!
Notice: this app can read only names on your contact list!
How to use:
1. Choose "Phone Calls" if you need to hear name of the person who is calling you.
2. Choose "Text Messages" if you need to hear the name of the person who is sending you a text message.
***** Iqbal Anjikandy Thalakkal - February 6, 2014 Amazing Not only Nokia announce caller name My LG G2 also doing very well Thank you.

Download Caller Name APK File

Download Caller Name 2.1
  • • Price: A Free App for $0 without In-App Purchases
  • • Content Rating: Low Maturity
  • • Requires: Android 2.2 and up
  • • File Name: caller-name.ap

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Download openvpn-connect-1.1.16

OpenVPN Connect 1.1.16

Free Communication App by OpenVPN

OpenVPN Connect is the official full-featured Android VPN client for the OpenVPN Access Server, Private Tunnel VPN and OpenVPN Community, developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.
Features: * Supports Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and higher. Does NOT require a rooted device.* Easily import .ovpn profiles from SD card, OpenVPN Access Server, Private Tunnel or via a browser link.* Improved power management - preferences setting allows VPN to pause in a low-power state whenever screen is blanked or network is unavailable.* Android Keychain integration - OpenVPN profiles may reference a cert/key pair in the Android keychain.* Supports hardware-backed keystores (such as on the Nexus 7)* Support for multi-factor authentication using OpenVPN static and dynamic challenge/response protocols.* Full IPv6 support (at both the tunnel and transport layer)* Uses PolarSSL (not affected by Heartbleed issue)

Download OpenVPN Connect APK File

Download OpenVPN Connect 1.1.16:
  • • Price: A Free App for $0 without In-App Purchases
  • • Content Rating: Everyone
  • • Requires: Android 4.0 and up
  • • File Name: openvpn-connect.apk

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Download imo-messenger-beta-7.7.1

imo messenger beta 7.7.1

Downloads: 78263 Updated: March 19, 2015

Message and call your family and friends for free with imo messenger! With imo beta, users can preview and try new and experimental IM features. However, the beta app is less stable than the official imo instant messenger app. For the latest stable version, download our official app at We're actively adding new features to the beta app, so please send us feedback to We read every email!

FEATURES: * Free high-quality video and voice calls* Share pictures and video with friends* Create groups with friends, family, roommates and more* Easily share and explore photos in your groups

Download imo messenger beta APK File

Download imo messenger beta 7.7.1

• Price: A Free App for $0 without In-App Purchases

• Content Rating: Medium Maturity

• Requires: Android 4.0 and up

• File Name: imo-beta-free-calls-and-text.apk

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File Explorer

File Explorer

NextApp, Inc.        Dowanload   

FX File Explorer version 4.0 is now available with a new Material Design UI! FX File Explorer is a file manager with optional media, networking, cloud, and root capabilities. FX is designed to let you quickly and easily manage all content on your phone or tablet.

FX has no ads.

The free main module of FX File Explorer (this product) includes all file management features for working with files on your phone/tablet.

The "FX Plus" add-on adds media management, network (FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV) and cloud capabilities (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync). The "Plus" add-on is a paid app (with a 7-day free trial).

The free "FX Root" add-on is for developers and knowledgeable enthusiasts who need to make changes as the root user.

General Features (included standard):

* Material Design.
* Productivity-oriented layout: The "Home Screen" shows bookmarks, storage, tools and (with FX+) media/network locations. You no longer have to wade through the garbage that apps store in the root folder of your SD card to get to the places you actually use.
* Dual pane mode and unlimited windows (quickly switch between different locations)
* Pinch-to-zoom in any "Explorer" window, zoom-in to see additional information about items
* Intuitive swipe-to-select gesture for managing multiple items (Slide finger horizontally across items to select/deselect them; see YouTube Videos, web site documentation, or in-app help for more information)
* "Usage View" mode analyzes storage space usage, enabling you to see total size of any folder
* Indexed Search

File Viewers / Editors (included standard)

* Text Editor with Undo/Redo history, Cut/Copy/Paste, Find, and Pinch-to-zoom
* Binary (Hex) Viewer
* Image Viewer
* Media Player, pop-up Audio Player
* Zip, Tar, GZip, Bzip2, and 7zip Archive Extractor / Creator (.zip, .tgz, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .7z)
* RAR Extractor (UnRAR)
* Shell Script Executor

Media Capabilities (FX Plus add-on required):

* Browse image and video collections
* Browse audio by artist, album, playlist, or all tracks
* Create and rearrange playlists with drag and drop (multiple files can be rearranged by selecting them)

Network / Cloud Capabilities (requires FX Plus add-on):

* Windows networking (SMB)
* FTP (including secure FTP-S and FTP-ES)
* SSH FTP (Secure Shell FTP; password and public key auth)
* WebDAV (see help for using WebDAV with OwnCloud)
* Cloud Storage: Google Drive (incl. Google Docs), Dropbox, SugarSync, Box (, and SkyDrive (SkyDrive requires Android 2.2 or later)
* Stream video and audio media files from SMB, FTP, SSH, Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, and SkyDrive to media player applications
* Browse local network for Windows (SMB) shares
* Find FTP and SSH FTP local network shares using multicast DNS (mDNS) service discovery (Bonjour/Zeroconf/Avahi)
* Encrypted keyring (used to avoid entering sensitive passwords in public while not allowing access in event of device theft)
* Download and convert Google Drive / Google Docs files into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenDocument, PDF, and other formats

Bluetooth Capabilities (FX Plus add-on required):

* Bluetooth FTP Client
* Discover / pair devices from within FX File Explorer

Additional FX Plus Features:

* AES-256, AES-128 Zip Encryption. Browse inside encrypted Zip files, viewing text documents, images, audio, and video without writing unencrypted data to SD card
* App Management
* Browse apps by permission


* Streaming video playback: Format support is based upon third-party playback software installed on your device. Android typically supports MP4 and 3GP. FX can play AVI, FLV, MKV, and WMV formats *IF* you install third-party players available from the Google Play Store.

* GDrive / GDocs: Cut/pasted documents will be converted to Microsoft Office formats by default. Use "Open With" to download them in the format of your choice.

Have a bug report or question? Please email

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Voice Changer Dialling enables you to tease your friends simply by calling these with a odd speech.

There are many applications that will adjust your own words, although a lot of them report your own words first and adjust your own words. We've observed nevertheless words changer while phoning. This is one of them although merely is effective once you call with the app using Wireless. It implies that this pal you need to tease requires additionally deploy the particular app with his cellular phone. That blasts the particular scam due to the fact there's no astonish.

Maybe it's enjoyable intended for 5 units, although immediately after noticing brand pieces, small noise excellent and also paid for cell phone calls following a few cell phone calls, in all probability you'll lower the item.

Tone of voice Changer Getting in touch with, developed by ZeniTalk, must be enhanced in lots of factors to get a far better rating. We wish although we can not give additional stars so far.

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Download Snapchat Real-time visible chat

Real-time visible chat

That are going to be the particular briefest evaluate so far you will come to EchoApk: this is a good request that will helps you send photos and vids and established any "self-destroy" timer to them. In addition there are several so-called "social" capabilities, but are generally extra. Have a cam or even decide on it from the gallery, established intended for the time it can be seen and say it good bye, because doing so shouldn't ever before be seen once more.

In case phone is usually experienced sufficient to look at any screenshot, you aware. We all never have checked just about all selections available -you understand, you will find really a lot of imprecise ROMs and things available there- but at the 1st peek seems like really safeguarded. In any case, you shouldn't be risking the intimacy having unknown people, now don't?

That may be just about all. Perfect for agents roleplay, intended for authorized or even unfaithful extramarital affairs, and intended for fun. A must.

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Preview and Features of Microsoft Windows 10

After long waiting Microsoft surprise to his all users to launch Windows 10 operating system at the place of Windows 9 Operating System. Microsoft launches his latest operating system on last Monday. This operating system is prepared for mobiles, personal computers and tablets interface. User interface of this operating system is very easy from which you can easily run this kind of operating system on any three platforms.

Microsoft company launch Windows 8 operating system in the year 2012 then after us hearing the news that Microsoft launch Windows9 operating system in the market but company launch Windows 10 operating system in the market with start button. User know very well there is no start button in Windows 8 operating system and lot of users feel problem to use this operating system. Regarding that problem company launch Windows 8.1 operating system with start button. As per the critics review that Windows 10 mostly used at the place of Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system.

As per the source this operating system will available in the market in the year 2015. At present company only launch preview of this operating system. You can use this Preview version from Microsoft site click here.

How to get Windows 10 Preview

You can easily download technical preview of Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft website from 1st October, 2014. In this operating system preview you can face any kind of technical problems or bugs due to the reason of developing stage of operating system. 

Features of Windows 10

Tiles Interface:
As per the Windows 8 operating system it does not have tiles interface. You get start menu when you are using this operating system and tiles feature in available in the start menu. You will get full tile interface in touch mode.

Internet Listing:

You get internet searching listing along with computer search in search result feature apart that you can watch task view. If any users click on the button which is placed on the taskbar he will get small thumbnails of all opened windows.

Latest Command Prompt: 

Latest operating system provides better command or dos prompt against all other operating systems with multitasking facility. With the help of multitasking facility you can quickly and easily open and set different size windows on the desktop area as per your requirement.   

Big Touch Buttons: 

In this operating system users get much bigger buttons for touch users which are much touch friendly than others.

Multiple Desktop Views: 

You can open more than one window at a time of all opened application program windows on the desktop area  and also carry any app from one window to another window without any problem. This feature treat like a swipe feature just like you can connect more than one tablet or phone screen. With the help of this facility users can do multitasking by creating different desktop area for different files or object. This feature act as per Apple –X operating system. 

Task View Facility: 

If you already opened more than one application window and you want to toggle or swap between them then you can easily do that work either from taskbar or by pressing ALT+ Tab key. 

Snap Assist UI: 

Microsoft include new user interface Assist UI (User Interface) in latest Windows 10 operating system.  With the help of this facility users are enable to view four apps on single screen at a time in quadrant view. If you have any blank area on your desktop then windows 10 operating system automatically fills that area by any app.

Quantum Mode for Convertible Device: 

One of most another important features is also included in the Windows 10 operating system from which you can use quantum mode for all convertible device like two-in-one laptops, tablets, which is interchangeable with others. This feature is used to create touch and windows keyboard friendly from that anyone can easily use them. You can quickly and easily switch your devices by using this feature.

Better Security and Cloud Connectivity: In this operating system security feature is much stronger than all other operating system and also you can quickly store your personal and confidential data on cloud. 

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Enable and use calling feature in your WhatsApp

WhatsApp starts totally free words contact function for your Native american people. Today it's accessible just for that previously contains the function current in fact it is just for Android os Smartphones on the market. Because of this function person need to be current using WhatsApp model 3. 11. 508. According to document, among Nexus 5 person has been initialize that dialling function about their Nexus 5 jogging about Lollipop Android os 5. 0. It's simple to initialize that function by some commands.

Within this function you will observe three tabs, initial one particular intended for message or calls, next one particular intended for shows and also 3rd intended for associates. WhatsApp contact USER INTERFACE is usually very same using associates and also keeps report of most recent message or calls. In order to use this function as compared to you must initialize that function about equally area. With regard to initialize that function you have got to the seated Android os Mobile phone (if your own telephone is not seated then discover your own telephone origin guidebook just click here), Fatal Emulator and also WhatsApp model 3. 11. 508.

How to enable calling feature in Whatsapp app:

Step 1: Install or update WhatsAapp with latest WhatsApp version 2.11.508 click hereand install Terminal Emulator from Google play store click here

Step 2: Open Terminal Emulator and type su and tap on enter button in the keyboard. Now you will get a popup tab for su permission, then tap on grant option. After root access then type: am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity and tap on the enter button. Now you will see WhatsApp with calls, chats and contacts tabs.

Now you can make a call though WhatsApp but this feature must be activated by the call receiver. If you switched off your phone due to any kind of reason then you have to again follow step no. 1 and 2 to use this feature on your phone.

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The right way to root Micromax A104 Canvas

That is root tutorial of Micromax A104 Canvas fire. This system is effortless and dependable in your cellular. So root your cellphone and experience your cell with none restriction. Micromax A104 Canvas hearth has 1.Three GHz Quad Core Processor with MT6582M chipset. Along with it has 1 GB RAM which is good option for Smartphone’s gaming. It has four GB inside memory. This cellphone has 4.5 inches screen size. Its display is made from IPS show procedure wherein you'll be able to see about 16.7 million colours. This telephone has 5 mega pixels rear digicam. It has facility of LED flash. Together with it, this mobile’s HD video recording gives 1280*720 pixels resolution. There's 0.Three MP fixed focal point front camera in new Canvas fire.

The Canvas fireplace has ultimate efficiency, you have to be root your mobile, for the reason that root permits you to use a maximum of your cell with none restrictions.After root you are going to install customized apps, custom Rom and custom surroundings in your telephone. After root that you may set up customized Rom, customized atmosphere and apps to your cell. Read Root potential and disadvantage via this publish, then comply with these steps and root your cell.

Preparations of Root:

1. Take a backup of your phone.
2. Your phone battery should charge 80% minimum.
3. Make sure proper power backup of your PC.
4. Read all steps then do it careful.

Follow these simple steps to root you Canvas Fire:

Step 1: Install USB driver on you PC. 

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on your Phone. Go to Settings >>> Developer options >>> USB debugging check it

Step 3: Download Rootkit Click here and double click on Root kit and connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.

Step 4:  Root kit will automatically detect your Device, Now click on "Root Now".

Step 5: Now Root processor start. After Root processor complete disconnect your Phone. Now your phone is rooted. 

If you want to check your Mobile rooted or not try this app Root checker

Note: Please comply with the directions cautiously. I cannot take any accountability on anything could happen along with your cell. Thanks & credits:  Gineus Root application Developer SJRoot.

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